Why choose Cellmark

Why choose Cellmark

Cellmark is the UK's most experienced DNA testing service. In 2017 we are celebrating our 30th anniversary of providing DNA testing services to UK customers.

  • The UK's most experienced company

    Cellmark is the most experienced DNA testing company in the UK - we have been providing a confidential, conclusive & court approved DNA testing service for three decades. There are many different companies providing paternity testing services particularly on the Internet, many of which offer a variety of tests, prices and sampling methods but none has been around as long as Cellmark.

  • Samples tested here in the UK

    Every year new DNA testing company names appear and a number of these services are operated from overseas and indeed samples are sent abroad for analysis from organisations acting as brokers or middlemen in the UK. You can deal directly with us as we are based and carry out your test in the UK and are available for you to talk to and give you advice throughout the process.

  • Reputation and quality

    Given the importance of the decision to go ahead with a paternity test, it is vital that you choose a well established reputable company to carry out your testing, to ensure that the results are reliable and the whole process is as easy as possible for you and to ensure that the results can be used in court!

    You will see low, low prices being advertised - but you should be aware that there are variations in the accuracy of results depending on how the test is done and what type of testing methods are used and how many individual DNA tests are used by the testing laboratory to analyse each paternity case. Cellmark tests a minimum of 22 markers.

  • Fully accredited and certified

    Cellmark has been accredited by the Ministry of Justice as a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969 we are based in the UK and you can contact us by phone 0800 036 2522, via email info@cellmark.co.uk or by SMS.

    Cellmark holds international ISO quality standards ISO17025 (Testing Laboratories) , ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO27001 (Information Security Management). Our procedures are subject to regular independent monitoring to ensure that our results and service remains of the highest standard.